Speech & Presentation Coaching


FOR THOSE AT THE TOP (Executives/C-Suite)

– You’re the boss.  You give presentations in one fashion or another all the time and are comfortable with “all eyes on you.  You could be stronger, you’ve reached a plateau and want to make stronger impact to motivate and achieve key results.  You need to reach the next level in your message, your delivery or your  influence, you know you’ll need a strong, experienced coach to make it. Most athletes, professionals or executives at the top don’t get there by themselves.  They hire a coach to partner with them to identify blind spots, improve their strengths and address weaknesses. Don’t just retain any speech teacher or sales guru.  Find an experienced executive speaking coach who is an expert in coaching communicators and will provide you with the tools, techniques and one-to-one confidential coaching for your speaking success.

FOR THOSE MOVING UP (Upper Management, Sales,Business Owners)

– Congratulations! You are moving up in your position, influence or opportunities and need insight, tools and direction on how to handle a variety of speaking situations where “all eyes will be on you.”  Whether reporting to leadership in your division, interviewing candidates, leading teams or conducting training, there is a science to dynamic leadership through your communication.  Let me coach you through the key elements of the communication process including audience analysis, nervousness control, motivational appeals and delivery so that you increase your credibility and impress your audience regardless of the size of the group.

FOR A SPECIAL EVENT OR PROJECT (Keynote, Conferences, Ceremonies, etc.)

– You have been asked to speak at a key event and you need an executive speaking coach who is going to get you through this “project.”  Whether you have been given a topic or you need help from inception to the finish, let me assist you in the process with proven communication techniques, tools and insights.  We will work together to analyze your audience, craft your speech,  practice your delivery and present a commanding presence before, during and after your speech.  If you require, I can even be available at the event.


– Most people don’t trust what they hear from leaders. Can a leader be ethical and persuasive?    Yes!  There is proven methodology  to use when trying to persuade your audience to change their mind, move to action, or trust in you, your product or service. On the other hand, audiences can be brutal.  Nodding and smiling but never seeing the vision you cast or  the solutions you offer.   We will work together incorporating the psychology of persuasion and key strategies for winning over an audience.  Confidential, one-to-one professional coaching with a laser-focused approach will establish you as a professional who speaks with character, passion, integrity and persuasiveness.  Regardless of your audience, be it stockholders, board members, colleagues, employees, clients or constituents,  you will speak persuasively with precision, substance, and credibility. Your audience will feel respected without feeling manipulated, bullied or lied to.


– If you are in a position where you are communicating with  journalists, reporters, broadcast media and other public inquiries, let an experienced coach prepare you with tips and tricks on how to respond, what to say and how to stay in command of your messagewhile establishing a positive rapport with the media.  We will work on giving interviews with purpose and confidence and handling the stress that media inquiries often bring.