If you speak in public or present frequently you are probably comfortable preparing and presenting your speech. You may have found your groove in the manner and the choice of material you use. You are ok with the results and response you receive from your audience.  So you probably are right: you don’t need to bother with a professional speech coach.

We could try to persuade you, but honestly while every speaker can improve their message and their polish, we can’t work with individuals who believe they don’t need the help. Our success is directly tied to your success. That means applying our principles and tools to your preparation and presentation.  So if you don’t believe you need the help of an expert in their field as you are in yours, then you are right;  you don’t need to bother.

BUT….. if you are an experienced speaker who has hit a wall: a plateau and need to leap over it,
…  if you are in a specialized field and need to present to a new, unfamiliar audience,
… if your approach needs to be tweaked or revised for more impact and results
… if you are new to public presentations and need to gain an edge,
… if you have to persuade and inspire where you typically had to inform,
… if you are presenting seminars or workshops and need to approach them strategically,
… if you have a job interview and you want to set yourself apart,
… if you need to get in front of more prospects and convert them into clients,
… if you have to argue or defend your product, service or position,
… if your are running for a political or an office and need content strategy,
… if you have to impress,
… if you have to excell… THEN

Go ahead and Bother to contact us for a first contact consultation.