I live in Texas and in Texas we have a home decorating store called Garden Ridge Pottery.  You can’t miss it.  The building is usually right off of a highway, a very large, one-story, with large orange signage.  Garden Ridge was the “go-to” place for seasonal decorations, and other indoor and outdoor home decor and storage needs.  I shopped there occasionally.  In the last few years, it declined steadily in the quality of products, the availability and variety of products, but mostly in the fine balance between service and cost.  Christmas was my season of choice. I went there to buy beautiful and competitively priced ornaments, and other trappings.  But four years ago, I stopped going.  The bathrooms were not only dirty, but broken down.  No attempt at cleanliness or care was evident.  The employees were barely present in body or mind.  The lines were long, if there was a “zombie” decorating store – this was it.  Garden Ridge always carried the cheap, “made in China.” stuff, but one could find on occasion a nicely crafted item.  But their pricing stopped being competitive. They stopped even bothering to care to compete.  They did have sales. But they couldn’t keep me or thousands of others coming back. There was too much to overcome and the bargain finds were no longer worth the filth, and depressing customer service and atmosphere.

at home logoBut recently, Garden Ridge stores all over were no long the ugly orange.  They changed their color to a tranquil, spa-like and fresh pale turquoise. And…. they changed their name.  Not Garden Rige Pottery anymore, the name is now At Home. How nice.

Well, I decided to give them a chance in Katy, Texas.  My discovery was that the name and the colors were the only change.  Inside, I found less products than before, help no where to be found, and the bathroom which I reluctantly had to visit worse than truck stops on the highways in the early 70’s.

The demographic in Katy, Texas is middle to upscale earners and shoppers.  But the same-as-usual awfulness inside Garden Ridge – oops – At Home showed there was really no change after all.

I hope in the coming months, they prove me wrong.  Until then.  I’ll just stay at home rather than visit “At Home.”

So are you guilty of Change with No Change in your business and approach to your prospects and clients?  ”  A lesson I was reminded  “At Home.”

Lia Mote
Communications and Marketing Strategist, Speaker’s Coach and Speaker
LV Mote Consulting Group