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Share Your Message with the World Is an International Best Seller!!



Authors who recognized the value of sharing their message with the world helped create Share Your Message with the World together. This book contains incredible stories recounted from people worldwide. After reading these stories you will be able to step into success and finish your life’s journey. You will also have a better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome hurdles that may arise during your journey.


Book - Share Your Message With the World

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 Excerpt from Surviving Re-Entry

“On July 29, 1969, my parents and I sat on crates around our black and white TV, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for the very first time and watching with exhilaration as the astronauts landed on the moon. We celebrated our landing in America and the Americans landing on the moon that night. Astronauts became my heroes.

After my wedding in Houston, we moved to Colorado in 1991. I had goals of becoming a US Senator one day. I was active in the political landscape of Colorado. I was told I was being considered to fill my State Senator’s vacated seat. If chosen, I would be the youngest female State Senator in Colorado. The dream was becoming reality; I was on my way. Then one afternoon, the phone rang; it was Houston calling. My husband was offered a job, and we both agreed that it was too good to pass up. We moved to Houston, and I left my hopes for political office behind…..”



The Reviews Are In! Read What Others are Saying:


“This is an amazing read. I starting reading this book because I am a close friend of one of the authors, by the time I reached the end of the book, I realized that this was something more than leisure reading. So many journeys, so many accomplishments. This book actually gets you to thinking, touch your life in one way or another no matter who you are you will find something in it that you can relate to, maybe even more than one passage. I recommend this book to anyone rather you like to read or not…You will enjoy this book.” ~ Lynn


“After reading this book, I can say for certain that this is proof that anyone can overcome any challenge in their personal life or professional career. The stories are uplifting, inspiring and insightful. Each author shows their vulnerability or challenge and how they tackle it head on and with confidence. There is a reason why Share Your Message With The World is an International Best Seller – get the book!” ~ Alica White


“I love how well and detailed the stories are cause it opens your eyes and your way of thinking on how to achieve your dreams. In a way, I too can relate in my life of achieving. I would so recommend this book to anybody for inspiration. I know if that’s what it can do to me can you imagine what it can do to others? ” ~ Jose L.


“This is a fantastic collection of stories which will both inspire you and warm your heart! Each of the authors shares his or her own story of their personal journey to make the world a better place. A great read!!!” ~ Allen M.


“This is a great book and I highly recommend it. There are some great inspirational stories about overcoming obstacles in your like and achieving your dreams. If you are serious about taking your life and business to the next level, read this book and give them to friends, family and business partners to read as well” ~KCR



Full List of Chapters Included in Share Your Message with The World


It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself
By Tony Gambone

How a Flying Pig Can Change Your Life
By Dawn DePasquale, LMHC

Living Your Bucket List
By Corey Poirier

Mastering Reinvention: One Business Owner’s Journey and Advice
By Alicia White

How Our Lives Can Been Guided
By Dr. Alan Simberg

Conversations in Customer Care
By Tami Neumann

Make a Choice for Positive Change
By Jayne Rios

Looking for Love. Longing for Life.
By Juan Martinez

Trust The Voice Within
By Debbie Elder

You Want to Be a Rock Star ?
By Mike Calderwood

Discovering My Life Purpose
By Regina Rowley

Never Give Up on Your Dream
By Craig Rhodes Sr

Perseverance Pays Off
By David T Altenbern

Embrace the Journey
By Holly E Thompson

From Sandra to Sandy and Beyond, the Journey of a Lifetime!
By Sandy Lawrence

Retired, But Not DEAD! – A Journey of Discovery and Transformation
By Mario A Ballesteros

Escaping Success to Find Happiness
By Becky Lynn Smith

Embracing a Global Perspective for Business Success
By Roxana Heredia

The Master Key to True Happiness… S.T.R.E.S.S
By Kristine Huynh

Ten Months to Live Ten Years Ago
By Judy Morris

Making My Mark
By Phyllis E Gambone

Teacher, Healer, Grandma, Spy
By Pearl Grace Zimmerman

Surviving Re-entry
By Lia V Mote

From Rock Bottom to Rock’n It!
By Belanie Dishong

Stage Fright to Stage Might
By Rhonda Moore, MS LPC, NCC

Listen to Your Body Talk Wakeup Calls
By Rita Olufowoshe

Falling Down to Get Up Stronger
By Michiel Roric

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Special Pricing on Large Quantities


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