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Lia’s Topics Include:

Ego Is Not A Strategy – based on Lia’s book of the same name.

Communicating Clearly ( the psychology and application of the communication process to command respect and create influence).

Leader to the Core (make sure you have the true leaders in the right place for your organization so it can avoid they crazy cycle of positional not necessary the best functional leader).

The Difference Between Vision and Wishful Thinking ( 6 identifiers to ensure you have the clearest direction for your organization and present it in the best manner to drive your organization now and in the future).

Surviving Re-Entry – Equipping your organization to handle change without exploding.  Lia presents the principles and tools taught to astronauts on handling unexpected crises, adapting quickly and successfully to change and re-positioning when necessary to stay on course to complete your mission.

Myths Made Clear ™ Workshops on Marketing, Communication and Social Media

The Last Prophet – A motivational presentation about discerning the right message and voices in the storm of ideas, comments and words of the technological age.