Speech Coaching: Confidence to Speak Up Front.

One Day You Will All Have To SPEAK UP FRONT.

Are You Prepared? Are You Confident?  

An Executive Speech Coach will Partner with you to Boost Your Confidence, Control Your Nerves, Command Respect, Increase your Credibility.

For some, working with a presentation coach is uncomfortable.   Admitting we need a “personal trainer” for your speech  may be disconcerting.

Lia Mote is a communication expert with degrees in Public Speaking and Theatre Direction.  Along with her 23+ years of corporate services, advertising/pr/marketing, and financial services, and commercial real estate brokerage and management background, she is equipped, experienced and effective as a speech coach for executives, managers and professionals.

Solution Coaching TM

Lia’s coaching approach “Solution Coaching” is a system of coaching that combines an understanding of the psychological, physical, vocal, non-verbal and thinking processes of individuals and what happens to them when they have to Speak Up Front.

Lia offers full confidentiality, privacy and professionalism in the entire process. Solution Coaching provides you  the freedom to work with a professional who rejects the “cookie cutter” approach. She will work with your personality, concerns, and goals.

 Well trained and experienced in the theory and practice of speaking, Lia maintains a large knowledge base from which she draws as she partners with each client to reach success on their desired goals.  Lia’s education, training, 23+ years of experience and competitive passion to ensure her clients succeed provides you a strong ally and partner in your presentation goals.  She is  a tough, caring, goal-oriented, professional coach  who will help you achieve amazing results for your next interview,meeting, presentation or public address.

How Does It Work?

It all begins with a Fact Finding Meeting to ensure that we understand your needs and ensuring we are the right ones to provide the best solutions for you. Most coaching sessions just look like meetings to anyone looking in.  Occasionally platform practive and workshopping may take place and then we choose a location that is ideal and private if necessary to practice the presentation without making you uncomfortable.

If you need Platform Coaching specifically, then follow the link below to “On Stage Solutions.”  There you will find an explanation of Lia’s approach and process and what to expect during coaching sessions.

Platform Solutions: If you know what you want to say, are comfortable crafting your speech and supporting materials and only need help wiht the On Stage portion of your speech, then we can work with just this for polish, confidence and energy. for speaking one to many, one to a small group, small group dynamics and one-to-one situations such as selling and interviewing.

Handling Your Audience: A challenge either by the audience, the situation or the topic. Sometimes, just working thorugh how to address challenges from your audience is the key to success or failure.  Salespersons, Leaders, Customer Service Professionals often will need this kind of solution.

Handling Your Content: then message strategy and speech writing are more of your area of need, follow the link to “On Message Solutions” which will provide information again on the theory, process and results accompanied by working with a coach for your Message Strategy.Quite often speech coaching may involve the dynamic communication process from idea formation all the way through to delivery and then follow-up.  Lia provides full-scale comprehensive coaching and will often even be available the day of your presentation or at your presentation to provide the fullest support and encouragement for your desired outcomes and goals.