Elevator or Sales Pitch Solutions & Resources

The Elevator or Sales Pitch is a micro-speech.  There are two key parts you must master : the message and the delivery. Don’t neglect creating a pitch that is engaging, compelling and convincing to your specific target audience.  A well-crafted and well-delivered pitch can convert audiences  into advocates and clients.

Lia Mote provides solutions for your pitch including workshops, one-to-one consultation and coaching or team coaching for your sales team, office staff or leadership.  This is a key step in your Business Development Performance Model.

Solution options are listed below.  If you don’t fine the right one for you, contact Lia for a brief conversation to clarify your needs and discuss a customized strategy.

Individual Coaching  – Individual coaching for your specific pitch situation.

Team Training – Help your staff or sales team gain confidence and learn how to engage and nurture and convert.  We provide hands-on training and workshops to help your staff and team present themselves and your solutions in the best light.

Workshop for Your Organization – Bring Lia Mote in to present her elevator pitch workshop to your group or organization.