So you made it, congratulations!  You started your own firm, business, made it to the C-suite, cashed in your stock options, sold a company for millions, branched out to multiple locations; in your eyes, you are a winner. You have succeeded!   You now have some luxuries you didn’t have before in money and even in time.

The next step is how do you continue the momentum of growth and success in your organization or in your decision-making for your investment of time and money to keep on growing for the future.  Many people who find themselves in this situation, have a common flaw.  They have short-term memory about how they got there.

For many entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders, their win was a result of hard and lots of work.  They struggled, they failed, they tried again and pulled themselves up from the bootstraps.  They succeed because of their effort, insight, and tenacious persistence.  They often forget the strategy and the practices they followed or the