hate exercising, but give me a pick-up ball game to play in, then I am in the zone. I love the workout, the competition, and the camaraderie with my team and my opponents. My game is not polished, and doesn’t really improve since  I don’t play  often.

The fact is to be a better volleyball player or swimmer,  I Need A Coach – a Trainer, someone to show me the right technique,  help me avoid injury, keep me motivated to stay competitive.

The idea of coaching transfers well to our business and personal life, but who will admit that they need or are using an executive speech/presentation coach?

Simply put, an executive speech coach is the personal trainer for your message and presentation. They study the science and art of communication and the psychology of speaking including stage fright, credibility and audience motivation.   They know the tools and techniques of speaking and provide the inspiration, direction and accountability one needs to improve their speaking game. Whether a natural-born speaker or a timid analyst who prefers being behind the scenes, there will be a day when your presentation to an audience of one, twenty, or thousands will be critical for your credibility and professional success.

Then there is of course the trouble of the ego.   Our ego can get in the way, whether it’s because of our fears or our arroance. When we are up in front, the fear and insecurity or even the ego seems may grow exponentially. A knowledgeable coach can help us on the court or on the stage.  Our improvement and the subsequent results will be obvious to everyone playing on the court or sitting on the sidelines.  In the same manner, your improved speaking and presentation skills will be noticeable to all.  Once you make the decision to engage a Speech Coach,how do your find the right one? What do you look for in a Speech Coach? Well, let me suggest a few key elements.

8 Things To Look For In A Successful Speech/Presentation Coach:

  • a Seasoned Professional
  • a Good Listener
  •  a Strong Teacher
  • a Partner not just a Star
  • a Professional who has the tools and methods you need to succeed
  • a Tough but Positive Trainer who will hold you accountable to your goals
  • a Curious Learner who continues to learn and grow in their profession and for your specific needs
  • a Consultant who is passionate about their work.

The successful speech coaches are also seasoned speakers who practice what they preach. They bring knowledge from their education, wisdom from their own and others’ mistakes and experience from their own practice.

Let’s face it…. executive speech and message coaches, just like personal trainers, have to deal with human nature’s largest vulnerability ….Our Ego: about our bodies; our image; our pride. The effective coach will bring understanding, empathy and vision to their clients. They will inspire and motivate their clients to amazing results.

Lia V Mote coaches individuals, professionals, executives and teams in public speaking, presenting, debating, and motivating.  Contact Lia today for more information. 

Lia V. Mote is owner of LV Mote Consulting Group a communications strategy firm in Katy, Texas.  She holds degrees in Public Speaking and Dramatic Production with work experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Communication Consulting, Marketing, Financial Services, Commercial Real Estate,  and Politics. She loves her work as a speaker and speech coach. Her hobbies include volleyball, speech writing and strategic messaging.