Taker SalesmanYou’ve  heard it said, “Competition is healthy, Comparison is deadly and Copycats are flattering.”  I call Baloney!

You see in business, your great idea or unique value proposition will be taken by the guy or gal who is all about the close. They won’t consider the hours of analysis you’ve put in to make the model unique for your target market; they don’t care if it was yours; and they surely don’t care if they abandon it next quarter or next year to take the next shiny idea that shines their direction.

You know these types: they only call when they need something, they like to hear themselves talk and have severe blindspots when it comes to cooperation.  They are driven  by dollars alone, and will take and run with your idea will jump  first into the marketplace and leave you behind like a late-comer.  They are not about healthy competition; they are not trying to flatter you by copycatting, and they surely are not comparing themselves to you as a role model but more as a a step up on their way.

For the takers it’s all about their win…. They don’t look back as they race forward.   It’s all about the grab and go.

So how do you handle the taker? Do you compare yourself to them? Do you think  it’s just  a healthy competition? Do you hope that  the universe or karma will teach them a lesson?  Do you console yourself that you are more relational with your prospects and clients?

Business for the sake of dollar is fickle.  The goal is to get out there, convert your prospects, and achieve the definition of success – money. We are in business for dollars.  So do we give up on relational business? Do we just become the hard-sell bulldozer? Are you bothered by this perspective? Are you arguing with me as you read this post?  What do you say?

I no longer believe that my experience, my education and my relational approach will provide me with the win in the end.   So for 2015 I’ve changed my strategy. It’s a push hard, fight hard for every dollar.  But I resolve not to be a taker. Just a winner.  This approach goes against my very nature of professionalism, but maybe I was too soft, too trusting, and too unfocused.   So when you see me coming your way, don’t worry,  I will be more direct and persuasive, and will try to close the deal sooner, but I still have my ethics and my character.

In the end, ethics and character will prevent me from being a taker.I still believe in making my business a win-win for me and my client, and I still value the virtue of high moral character in all things. So  that’s why when you see me coming, you don’t have to runaway.

In summary, character that separates the takers from the givers and in the end the dollars will reflect the character. And that is the C-word you should hold onto:not competition, not comparison and not copycat – hold on to your character.